Lose Weight But Not Your Social Life….

Most of the people who are on diet and trying to lose weight are anxious when it comes to attending a party, wedding or any other social event. Few indulge themselves in some kind of fasting or starvation diet to

Healthy Foods With a Bad Reputation

Join a dietitian and she will handover a long list of foods to be avoided. Certain foods have been labeled “bad for health” due to incorrect or outdated information. To dispel these rumors one need to be updated with latest

How healthy is your salad?

Nothing in the world sounds as healthy as a salad. Salads form an integral part of any weight loss plan or a balanced meal. But you need to give it a second thought. Are the salads consumed by you really

Fruit Juice- Not as Healthy as You Think!

There is wide spread misconception about the health effects of fruit juices. But the ugly truth is that juices are not as healthy as you think. Juices could become a cause of great distress especially for weight watchers. Fruit juices

Best Oil for Cooking

Oil is the medium of cooking and improves the palatability of the cooked food. The type of dietary fat and its consumption is directly proportional to the health of the individual. Wrong selection and amount of oil used makes you

Rice vs Chapati

Both rice and chapati are nutritious and used as the staple food in many parts of the world particularly Asia. When it comes to comparing the nutritional content, choosing among these traditional foods can be little confusing. 1 serving of

Losing Weight the Wrong Way

Lose upto 8 kgs without diet and exercise!!! Lose 2 kgs in a week just by drinking herbal tea!!! Herbal supplement with no side effects to lose weight!!!  Do all these sound promising? Weight management has become such a hype

Alcohol and Weight loss

We all know that alcohol is detrimental but due to social obligations we are bound to have few drinks and its difficult to say know on certain situations. Occasional drinking doesn’t affect your waist line adversely but always remember every

Top 5 Healthy Snack Options

  Most of us stumble when it comes to choosing a healthy snack option. Wrong choices can spoil all your efforts towards healthy eating. Here is something good for your growling stomach that is healthy too. Yoghurt: This calcium packed

Exercise for Good Health- Get Moving

Exercise holds a supreme position in keeping our bodies active, healthy and also help in weight loss by creating a calorie deficit. Our bodies were designed to be active but the hi tech and modern conveniences has made our lives