Lose Weight But Not Your Social Life….

Most of the people who are on diet and trying to lose weight are anxious when it comes to attending a party, wedding or any other social event. Few indulge themselves in some kind of fasting or starvation diet to reduce the effect of overeating.  One should understand that these social events are a part of our existence and we should not be punishing our bodies by following any kind of compensatory diets.  Weight loss regime doesn’t mean that you have to resign from social life but moderation but self discipline and control is the key.

Prepare your body before the event by following simple tips:

1)    A day before the event follow salt free diet plan that can include milk, fruits, custard, sweet dalia, oats, muesli etc.

2)    Drink lots of water to detox your body.

3)    Just as you prepare your brain before any exam, prepare your stomach as well by communicating that you might overeat during the event. Never make false promise of not eating and then stuffing your tummy with your favorite foods.

4)    Just before leaving for the event, have a protein snack that will keep you full. You could have sprouts, chana, milk shake, nuts etc.

Friends cheers their beers at a party

At the event:

1)    Chose platters that are grilled, roasted or barbequed. Eat only small portion if you are planning to have the main course as well.

2)    Limit the alcohol consumption to 1 or 2 pegs, with water only. Avoid soda, cold drinks, juices and beer. Prefer red wine or vodka.

3)    Choose a small plate and serve yourself only the foods that you feel are lower in calories. Never try to add variety of dishes to your plate.

4)    Continue drinking water during the event as well.

5)    Prefer salads with low fat dressing.

6)    Avoid fried and oily items as well as soups as they contain cornflour.

7)    Eat your food slowly and relish it to the fullest.

8)    If you are a non vegetarian prefer chicken and fish. Avoid red meats.

9)    Go easy on desserts and sweets.

Parties are no doubt a challenging task for any weight watcher but a well planned eating strategy can help. Get back to track after the indulgence and carry on. Pamper your body and reward it for all the efforts.

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  1. You have written a quality information. i will surely follow this.

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