Never thought weight loss will be so easy…

I have been trying hard to lose the fat around my body for the last 1 year. I tried many weight loss appliances, sessions and managed to loose as well, but all that lost weight used to bounce back once I was off the program. Then one day I was told about stayfit4ever by a friend who himself lost weight with them. The first telephonic conversation with the expert changed my concept of weight loss completely. I was told that wrong kind of diets always cause the lost weight to bounce back. As advised I started with a one month package to build up trust and lost 4 kgs and a good inch loss. I have renewed my package and still on the track of shedding weight. The no visit concept makes me comfortable. I receive timely diet plans through mails and phone. I am in constant touch with my nutritionist over whats app. Weight loss has never been so easy and fun for me... Kuldeep sharma, IT professional

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