Stayfit4ever offers a variety of health and fitness programs ranging from weight loss to weight gain to managing disease conditions and maintenance.  We aim to provide you holistic fitness solution for all your dietary & exercise needs. We understands your social obligation -eating at party, marriage, kitties and trips and tours as well as  other important things in life so we never ask you to completely stop eating out but we give practical options for you to follow. All these plans are made available to you online. Not internet savvy? No problem these plans can be couriered to you at your address.

Our experts will design a completely customized diet and exercise plan based on your lifestyle, age, medical condition, profession etc. You will be directly in contact with fitness experts 24×7.

Diet Plans: Stayfit4 ever works on scientific principles and doesn’t believe in any fad diets. The plans are nutritionally balanced and include all the food groups. No pills, no supplements, no fancy diets, no crash diets…. simply kitchen based foods.

Exercise Plans: Customized exercise plans include simple workout for half an hour and 5 days a week. All the plans are with high definition pictures which makes it easier for you to follow. If you feel any difficulty, we will send you the video link of the same exercises. We have special plans for back pain, knee pain, spondylitis etc.

Follow ups: We will be in touch with you through emails, telephones, whatsapp, we chat etc. Based on your nutritional record and progress things will be planned further every week.