Thyroid but still lost 6 kgs…

I am 52 year old and mother of 2 daughters in their late twenties. I was about about 10 kgs overweight and a thyroid patient too. Worst part was I had severe knee and back pain and my physician wanted me to lose weight to get rid of my pains. At this point my daughter gifted me 2 months plan from stayfit4ever.  What I loved was the transparency with which they work. Even before joining the program, the expert told me that weight loss will be on the slower side with so many medical conditions. I was little skeptical at joining as I knew weight loss for thyroid patients is something next to impossible. I have lost 6 kgs so far and love the personal touch and yet the professional approach shown by stayfit4ever. Moreover the customized exercise plan has helped me to reduce my physical pains and has improved my mobility.

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