Young PCOS Mother Lost 8 kgs

I was tired of being called obese and desperately wanted lose weight to improve my health and looks. Being 121 kgs at a young age of 27 was a matter of concern for me and my family. Besides I also have PCOS that makes it difficult for me to lose weight. I had a 3 year old son that made it difficult for me to join any weight loss program that required frequent visits for sessions and consultation.   With Stayfit4ever’s online service I was able to loose around 8 kgs within 2 months that too at the comfort of my home. The diet was similar to my everyday eating pattern so it was very convenient & practical. There were no fancy diets or crash diets…. I was eating and still loosing. The expert guidance that I received was more of kind of teaching thUntitledat helped me to choose right food at right time… Hina Makaan, housewife

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